Shed Roof: Tips For An Ideal Design

Published: 22nd July 2011
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Shed roof designs appear in various shapes, sizes and charges. The planning which you decide could rely on your skills as a carpenter along with the time that you're prepared to devote in the construction of your DIY shed.

Whether you're going to create a storage shed, a garden shed, or any other outdoor shed, the difficult task is mostly found in the roof.

You can go for a less complicated approach or manner if you would not want to create things complicated. A pent roof is mandatory if you find it uncomfortable having "byzantine" designs. This can be, by far, the best roof design as it does not want complex cutting and angling. The top is wholly perfect when it's placed and put up against the wall or the fence. It is just one slope that spans between the back and front walls resting on one particular beam. Remember that the strength of the joists that you will be making use of is where the shed roof basically depends. It is wise to take that into consideration. Timber can be employed for a shorter shed roof, but, a mono-pitch truss is essential to protect wider spaces.

Probably the most complex shed roof design is the hip roof. This can be usually used in summer houses and many pool side villas.However the hip roof is very distinctive looking it is difficult to build because of the many compound cuts that are required. While the hip roof seems easy to construct, it is not something that is as easy as chewing a peanut.

If you are residing nearby the beach, or in a very windy region, it is best to go along with a salt box roof. This can be one nice choice since it is simpler and it could also bear with strong winds. Nothing like the other patterns and arrangements, the design does not possess proportions; you might consider probably believe that it is similar to a gable roof's extension if you will look at it inquisitively and closely. Its one side based on the grapevine resembles a cat slide dropping to the ground from the top floor.

If you need more space to store big items then ideal roof to your shed is the gambrel roof. Constructing a roof of this sort is difficult and complicated contrary to the gable roof since it has multiple angles. Gambrel roof could cost you more because it requires large timber to make, but is the ideal design if you're after of overhead storage. But if you are reasonably skilled and have a good set of detailed plans for a shed roof you should be able to handle a gambrel roof with no problem. You can also select the gable type, only that, it does not have the selling point of a larger overhead space of a gambrel roof.


Larry K Pearson is a woodworking expert and shed building enthusiast. He has been designing and constructing sheds for over 20 years. To know more about how to construct a shed roof and learn how to build beautiful sheds fast and easy go to and download the FREE Shed Plan in his Mini-Course.

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