Saltbox Shed Plans: Why You Need One

Published: 03rd August 2011
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The saltbox shed is actually a favored building primarily on account of its appealing quality and classical form, moreover the beneficial function it provides. This can be a structure using a long roof that may be pitched and slopes downward to the rear. Its frame is sometimes produced from wood. The rear portion has one frame as the front area has two stories. It had been With the help of plans, you are able to increase your own outdoor storage shed while using the saltbox shed plans recommended here.


A saltbox shed that is built using plans can rid you of unwanted items from a abode and your garage. You can store your tools, bicycles, patio furniture, lawn equipment along with other stuff here. Driving out and parking in will be less of a hassle, and also you maintain your gears and tools better. You may as well convert your construction right small outside workshop.


You get many perks by building utilizing a saltbox shed plan. To begin with, it allows more free space. The sloped roof roof permits you to construct in places where are banned. You will discover saltbox shed plans which help you to build with one end pushed against your house while using shorter end out in the yard. You can also build it up beside a tree, with the roof sloping beneath the tree branches.

Benefits is usually gained from your saltbox outdoor storage shed. If it is constructed about the precise spot by closely adopting the plans, and when the rooftop is made up of solid materials, the rooftop using the sloped design may very well be employed as extra space for storing alone. Constructing a shorter shed for storage may be possible to help you to stash away your equipment for graden and also other gear, along with the roof could possibly be helpful to keep wood during winter period. In this way, it will save you just building yet another wood shelter.


The saltbox storage shed is an demonstration of American colonial architecture, and originated in New England. It earned recognition when Queen Anne taxed homes with more than one stories. This building was free of tax for the reason that rear section of the roof dropped down to the length of a single story building.

Thanks to rise in expenditures, metal nails were rarely resorted to.

In 17th and 18th century America, timber frame construction was the technique of construction for all frame houses. The plentiful option of wood also made timber frame houses popular. The exterior of the building was through with either clapboard or some other siding made of wood. You may create anew this classical architectural wonder by availing of good plans.

Set against other sheds, more attention is required by a saltbox storage shed in its building. This is more so when you are building a roof. Obtain good plans immersed by authorities in this field who will be able to help you with the requisites. However its construction is really worth the effort you spend and will also spark a substantial rise in the value of your premises.


Larry K Pearson is a woodworking expert and shed building enthusiast. He has been designing and constructing sheds for over 20 years. To know more about saltbox shed plans and how to build beautiful sheds fast and easy go to and download the FREE Shed Plan in his Mini-Course.

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