Building 8x10 Sheds For Your Storage Shed

Published: 27th January 2012
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As a homeowner, you're no doubt aware of the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs to your home and yard. Now, all this work calls for several various pieces of equipment and instruments and Normally you must have someplace to store them when they're not in use.

It's an odd thing but there never seems to be adequate storage area in the garage or in the basement or cellar or elsewhere! Especially when it comes to larger pieces of equipment such as a lawn mower, power electrical generator, ATV and a host of other 'necessary' appliances.

In fact, garage space can be at such a premium that there is often not enough room for the cars!

One of the most cost effective solutions to this requirement for storage area is to construct a storage shed on your property.

This not only alleviates the pressure for more area, but also leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment from a job well done. The pleasures are even increased when other members of the family can join in and make a team effort of it.

But just as you would not build a house without a set of blueprints, it is likewise the program of wisdom to carefully plan your storage shed project.

To The Drawing plank - The Big Picture

Few things would be more frustrating than creating a storage shed and Getting that the design was too small and that there is still tons of things that can't fit in! So an essential part of planning your storage shed is to determine how much space you'll actually need.

Because we tend to gather more things over time, it is often a good idea to allow ample area for future storage needs. The final size of your storage shed may depend on such factors as zoning requirements, cost and available yard area.

Another crucial consideration has to do with the zoning requirements for your area. So plan to visit or call your city constructing department to learn the code requirements for your project. Such factors as permissible size, structural requirements, materials and appearance may be covered by local zoning ordinances.

In most areas, you may be required to acquire a building allow for the project and arrange for inspection when it is completed.

Insurance considerations and fire department regulations may dictate no matter whether your storage shed can be attached to your house or must be detached.

Designing The Actual Shed

With much of the simple preparing out of the way, it's time now to give interest to the detail design of the shed structure.

One approach would be to design the shed oneself, sketching it out on daily news, specifying the dimensions and creating a comprehensive list of materials. This depends upon the level of your skill and experience, available time and zoning requirements.

A more popular approach, however, is to get hold of a pre-designed shed plan. Where can you find these? Just type, as an example, "8 by 10 Shed Plans" into or one of the other search engines and you'll be presented with an abundant variety of sources for such plans.

This brings us to the question of how to select a good set of plans for your project.

First give thought to the styling of your house. Endeavor to coordinate the style of your shed with the design of your house, striving for architectural harmony. This will improve the appearance and worth of your property and will bring you much satisfaction.

Give thought, not only to the styling but also to the materials used as well as the shade scheme. There is such a vast stock of plans available that it is just a matter of getting the time to make the best selection and it's definitely worth it.

Another important point in choosing your plans is to make sure that there is a comprehensive materials list. This will help you to determine the cost of construction upfront and will save you from purchasing unnecessary materials thereby wasting money.

Labor Requirements - How Much of The Work Should You Actually Do?

Another crucial part of good preparing is to identify your personal capabilities as well as your limitations. While some homeowners are fairly able of supplying all the required competencies for this project, many of us would not feel snug undertaking so. For example you may be a skilled carpenter but you get failing grades in electrical installation! And you don't want to have a shocking experience. Do you? It may then be the course of wisdom to team up with a friend or neighbor to help you take up the slack.

However, your local developing code may require a licensed electrician to carry out that part of the work in some instances. So, here, the idea is to determine what portion of the work you would execute your self and what part you'll outsource. Occasionally by concentrating on what we do best we have much more fun with the project instead of undertaking everything ourselves.

But it's up to you! It's your baby - so enjoy it and don't forget to take pictures for fond memories later.

Larry K Pearson is a woodworking expert and shed building enthusiast. He has been designing and constructing sheds for over 20 years. To know more about 8by10 shed plans and how to build beautiful sheds fast and easy go to and download the FREE Shed Plan in his Mini-Course.

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